How to Keep Squirrels Out Of My Bird Feeder

There is endless entertainment associated with Baton Rouge squirrel dance on the trees. Your pet will be glad watching squirrels displaying their funny features and jumping around on branches of trees with ease. Nevertheless, squirrel in your home can cause serious problem to you and your property. One of the most attractive points to squirrel in every home is birdfeeder. For that reason if you have birder feeder in your home, you should consider the best way to avoid Louisiana squirrels from paying you a visit. But, if squirrels have already discovered your birdfeeder, you will get guides here on how to get them out with ease.

Protect Your Birdfeeder Against Louisiana Squirrels
You can easily squirrel-proof your birdfeeder to avoid squirrel gaining access to it. You can do this by buying squirrel guide to birdfeeder which will help to prevent the squirrel from eating up the feed in there. For that reason they will be discouraged from coming around your birdfeeder after sometime. More so, you can save your birdfeeder from squirrel by placing it far away from trees around your home. More so, another thing you can do is to ensure that you clear out the grasses around the areas where you place the birdfeeder so as to ensure they do not have a hiding place there.

Get Squirrel Feeds to Distract Them from Getting To Your Birdfeeder
It is important for you to know that the reason why Baton Rouge squirrels are going for your birdfeeder is simply because they do not find good alternative. For that reason, you can distract them from getting to your feeder simply by providing their favorite foods. Some of the foods include: Nuts, fruits, veggies and lots more. You can equally provide them with apple slices so as to ensure they do not go to your feeder.

Scare Them Way from Your Feeder with Motion-Activated Sprinklers
You can equally scare a Louisiana squirrel away from your birdfeeder using motion-activated sprinklers. This device is designed to sprinkle water sporadically and suddenly making it right for putting fear into squirrel. But, you must use this trick in conjunction with other tricks like odor deterrent and others. More so, you need to know that motion-activated sprinklers can only chase squirrel away temporary meaning that they can still come back to your birdfeeder within a short while. If you want permanent solution, you can use trapping method.

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