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Will a Skunk Under a Shed or Porch have a Nest of Babies?

Often time people only find out that they have a Baton Rouge skunk problem on their hands only after they've felt the effects of the odor used by skunks for defensive purposes. It is at those times that the situation is detected and they only seek help after they have been sprayed or have felt the odor coming from underneath the house. However, the situation may turn for the worse, because Louisiana skunks have several reasons for taking up residence and shelter underneath human structures, and one of them is during the mating season.

Skunks are known for creating and using dens for a variety of purposes, one of which is to keep the sheltered during the winter months, but another purpose serves to raise their young after the mating season. Their mating season lasts from February throughout March and it is during those months that you could possibly detect them, one of the reasons may be that the female Baton Rouge skunks released their repelling spray in order to signal to the males that they are not yet ready for mating, in that case, when you find them, you won't have to deal with a nest of babies, but only adults.

However, there is a probability that what you will find under your house will in fact be a full nest of Baton Rouge skunk babies, usually around 4 to 6 of them with their mother, since skunks usually relocate to a maternity den once they have given birth to their young. At those times, it means that you will have to deal only with the female skunk and its young since the males take no action in raising the young. The best course of action here would be to actually let the babies develop for at least 6 weeks and only then attempt some course of capturing them and relocating them. Doing anything prior to that will only aggravate the mother and can cause even greater problems. Still keep in mind the fact that Louisiana skunks will simply not leave the den on their own even after they have raised the babies, you will have to take some measures in order to remove them.

Making sure that your yard is free of any food source that they can get a hold of by digging through trash cans and things of that nature. It is a good idea to keep everything sealed up in metal containers so that any other wild animals are unable to access it. Remember to call in the corresponding professional Baton Rouge assistance when you decide to remove the skunks from your area, they will be trained and will advise you to the best course of action.

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