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What are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Raccoon?

So many guys want to keep the Louisiana raccoons as pets but they do not know they have some effects, which may lead them to cause diseases. Some raccoons are sick, and any form of close contact with them, shall lead you straight to hospitals. Some of the symptoms of a sick Baton Rouge raccoons include:
• When a raccoon is staggering
• Erratic wandering
• Discharge from eyes and mouth
• Has violent behavior

In case you notice that the Baton Rouge raccoon is isolated, or does not want to take part in any activity like looking for food, there are higher chances that it is sick.

Cage the animal
If you notice a raccoon on the street, or in the homestead, which is depicting symptoms of sickness, you need to cage it. This shall leave it isolated and it shall not cause harm to the public. Caging the Louisiana raccoon is not an easy process since it can turn violent and cause harm. However, relying on animal control services or finding a licensed rehabilitator is the only safe and sure way of getting quality results.

Wear protective clothing
It is not easy for one to know they are stepping or touching feces and urine of raccoons. This is the reason why it is highly advisable for one to invest in protective clothing especially when cleaning the nest. It is advisable not to inhale the feces, and urine, since they are harmful to the health. You can call a professional Baton Rouge cleaning company to avoid cases of disease transfer.

Call a rehabilitator
The only way to remain safe when you have a sick Baton Rouge raccoon in your property is relying on a rehabilitator. The rehabilitator, has the skills, and tools of handling the raccoons. They shall respond immediately, since they know the dangers the raccoons shall cause to the public. They shall eliminate the Louisiana raccoon from the homestead and advice on cleaning feces or urine of the raccoon to prevent spread of diseases.

Avoid any contact with the raccoon
Some people want to help a sick Baton Rouge raccoon by giving it food, only for it to turn violent and aggressive. Due to their sickness, it is easy for them to become violent and will scratch or bite. You shall have higher chances of getting rabies, or any other infectious disease the Louisiana raccoon has. This is the reason why it is highly advisable for one not to have any contact with a sick raccoon.

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