Will Baton Rouge Animal Service Help Me with an Opossum Issue?

First of all what are Baton Rouge opossums? What is the nuisance they cause that we have to call animal service for help? They are basically breeders in need of a place to live. Usually manmade structures such as sheds, porches etc. provide the perfect habitat for Louisiana opossums. They steal food from the garbage cans making a mess all over and also steal pet food. They carry diseases and harmful parasites. They are usually found living in attics where they make terrible noises. They can eat both plants and meat, but they prefer meat to plants.

They are not very destructive nor aggressive. Their size gives an idea about this. Acting like a cat or dog is often expected of them but it doesn't suit them. A Louisiana opossum has 50 sharp teeth, they should not be handled casually as they can bite. Usually they don't tend to bite, unless necessary. Now the real question we have here is that if we have an opossum issue will the animal service help or not? We all know that they help us out with issues related to stray dogs, stray cats, local animal complains etc. but will they help in the case of a wild animal? Usually they do not help with wild animals, as they are too much of a mess to taken care of. But yes they will help you with it, they will help you get rid of your Baton Rouge opossum issue (if you have one) however they will charge you money for that. They won't take care of it for free, maybe that's because of the risk involved.

The Louisiana animal control service gives wildlife removal tips that are very efficient and helpful. There are actually a ton of things that have been said to repel opossums, these methods are easy and effective, but some people have tried and failed and they end up calling Baton Rouge animal control service to help them anyways. It has been said that there are various things that can get rid of wild animals such as an opossum and practically every other animal. These include moth balls, radios as they make static noise, sprays and even noise blasters. However the one drawback is that they might get used to all this and stay in existence for long.

One thing that usually is effective than most of the rest, is light, as Baton Rouge opossum's are nocturnal creatures by nature so this method might work as any source of bright light would encourage them to stay away, right? To be honest, the only way to rid of opossums and any other wild animal for good, is to call on animal control to come lend you a hand. It's an effective method, tried and tested for a reason.

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