About the House Mouse

The great rodent family is known by many names as they have succeeded surviving and adapting themselves according to the atmosphere. Most successful will be the Baton Rouge rat however there are thousands of subtypes of the rats. As the rats are able to change them rapidly according to the surrounding and the food available to eat. House mouse is one of the type of Louisiana rats which have evolved themselves to live in human attic and survive.

House the most often seen nuisance animal which is known for the food stealing and mess creation in the houses. These Baton Rouge mice are smaller in size and can be seen nearly every area of the world in the human company. These mouse are having a tender body type and mostly choose to eat various foods available with the human houses. The name House Mouse that's why given to them as they mostly able to survive the human houses. Humans are living with these Louisiana mice from centuries. Fighting to repel them but haven't yet succeeded to get a complete prevention.

The adult Louisiana house mouse can of the length 7-10 cm measured without the tail. Tail can be 5-10 cm long. As these are the small animals the max weight of the house mice can be around 25 grams maximum. There are variation in their color they can be of white color produced for the laboratory purposes or can be of dark or light black or brown. The mice are strong and the body structure of these mice to jump here and there about 40-50 cm. These mice are even behind the disturbance of people's sleep. They can easily jump between the table and the fridge to steal the food.

The house mice can balance very well. The long tail and a flexible body type allows the mice to balance and then jump at longer distances without harming themselves. These Louisiana mice are fast they can do it all jumping, running and swimming as they have to deal with humans they are good athletes. It is hard to capture them. House mouse are having a strong control over their movements. The good sense of hearing allows them to keep aware of the things happening around.

These mice live in the form of groups and they tend to populate according to the availability of food. They can grow in hundreds of Louisiana mice if they got enough food resources in the home. They mice fight in between for various reasons including food and mating. Mice are having good vision such as humans however they cannot see some colors that humans can. House mice can live for several months of age as they reproduce the infant's whole year rapid increment in their population can be seen.

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