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What is a Bat's Natural Diet?

Diet of new born or pup: The new born Louisiana bat rely on her mother feed. The pups could not be able to hunt or even fly for few weeks after their birth. So after a few weeks it's up to them to try to catch a prey at their own or to remain satisfied with milk.

The adult Baton Rouge bats: There are a number of species of bats that have different eating of feeding behaviors. So we can say that despite sharing an almost similar basic appearance, this nocturnal mammal has adopted an amazing variety varying feeding habits. Some of the species that are also considered very beneficial consume flying insects; others take nectar of flowers and some are carnivores that depend upon frogs, fish, lizards etc.

Insectivores: Microbats feed mainly on insects depending on their echolocation ability to search for crawling and flying insects as well as their superb flying skills to catch them. This includes gathering prey in their tail membrane or wings and then transferring it to their mouths mid-flight! This kind of bat is extremely expert at what they do – a single small brown Baton Rouge bat can catch and eat about 600 mosquitoes in an hour.

Carnivores: This species rely on small rodents, frog, fish, lizard and small birds as well as other Louisiana bats; this is why the type is known as carnivores. Though this is not a very common type yet they exist and can find their prey very technically.

Baton Rouge Vampire bats: Some bats have reputation for sucking blood as their diet. Merely three out of thousand or so species of bats feed on blood. Vampire bats generally feed on livestock but humans may occasionally become unwitting blood donors. They use to make a small and painless incision in skin and lap up blood with their tongues and the anti-coagulant chemicals in their saliva make sure that blood meal continues flowing.

Nectar - as diet: Another species of Louisiana bats depends upon fruits, pollen, nectar or flowers. It is a lifestyle that they share with larger megabats or the fruit bats. Fruit eating bats grab the food with their mouths and then carry it to a suitable perch. These fruit bats used to live in tropical regions and take figs up to three times of their body weight every night. You may observe a correlation between the bat's head shape and type of food eaten.

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